Instant Wood Oven Pizzas Anyone?

The Ultimate Pizza Goodness In Your Backyard

By having Luigi’s cater your events, you know you are getting quality pizza using only the freshest ingredients, homemade pizza sauce and fresh dough.

Our homemade sauce starts with perfectly cooked ripe tomatoes, complemented with our unique blend of spices and herbs. Our chefs prepare the pizza dough on a daily basis without fail.

There is no pizza better or tastier than a hot, fresh out of the oven wood oven pizza… this is what we offer with our portable wood oven. We bring to your event the quality and service you would expect when visiting our restaurant.


  • Joseph, Australia (Trip Advisor)

    I love Luigi's. The pizzas are nice and light with tasty toppings. Never overloaded and never with doughy and cumbersome crusts. My favourites are the spinach pizza and the Alfredo. Thanks Luigi's! Keep up the awesome work!

    Joseph, Australia (Trip Advisor)
  • Liana Saleh (Facebook)

    The yummiest pizza and pasta ever !! You're doing it right guys 😀

    Liana Saleh (Facebook)
  • Liana Saleh (Facebook)
    Alfredo pizza. Aweeeeeesome.
    Liana Saleh (Facebook)

Elevate your events with our fresh wood oven pizzas.
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